Micah was diagnosed with autism at age three.  His grandmother, Sylvia, wanted to learn more so she could understand autism and the challenges facing Micah and his family.  But there was almost no published information about autism directed toward grandparents. Now thirteen years later, Sylvia has written the book she wanted back then.

Grandparenting a Child with Autism is directed toward grandparents, extended family members and friends who sincerely want to become more closely attached to children who are part of the autism puzzle. Aunts, uncles and cousins as well as grandparents search for ways to reach out to children and overburdened parents. Stories of Micah and his family are used to illustrate characteristics common among children with autism. Each illustration is accompanied by discussion of those attributes and suggested ways for a family to react.

Sylvia Grubb has written this book as a knowlegable, concerned, and loving grandmother. Her son, Stuart, contributes with the necessary insight of a parent dealing daily with autism. This book stresses the importance of involving friends, teachers, churches, and social agencies in the never-ending effort to bring the child out of the world of autism and into the family’s world.

Sylvia Grubb has five grandchildren including Micah. She attended St. Olaf College and is a graduate of Valparaiso University with majors in religion and sociology.  Now retired from careers in parish work, Christian education, and ownership of general interest bookstores, her time with husband Hollis is divided between Boutwells Landing near Stillwater, Minnesota, and Saddlebrooke near Tucson, Arizona. Sylvia grew up near Pipestone, Minnesota . Her hobbies include playing golf, bridge, and Mah jongg. Also, gardening, reading and travel. In 1993 she won the Wisconsin State Literary Award for her work with teachers in the St. Croix River Valley Reading Council.

Stuart Grubb is Micah’s father.  He is a water resources consultant and graduate of Carleton College, the University of Michigan, and the University of St. Thomas.  Stuart lives with his wife Susan, daughter Muriel, and Micah in Grant, Minnesota. Stuart is a member of the Board of Directors of Freshwater Society and the Minnesota Ground Water Association Foundation. He is active with the Carleton College Alumni and Career Center Boards. Stuart is involved with therapeutic horseback riding through River Valley Riders and Special Olympics (Trailblazers) and with Special Olympics Skiing (Lumberjacks).